Biodesiv and Formulation

We develop innovative polymer
based material.

We support you in developping innovative polymer

As known as the backbone of fast growing company, Innovation is the key element in the development of new product. In Biodesiv, we support you in developping innovative polymer-based material. All the developed materials are tailor-made & exclusive for you.

Aiming for costs, time and processes optimization, our collaboration with you always starts with the scouting of potential existing technologies. In 50% of the cases, the technology is available and can be used by our customers for further development.

The power of worldwide network, that Biodesiv built over the last ten year, is an enabler of being always ahead of the game in term of innovation.

Today, it’s important for us to put our experience and know-how at your service, to develop on-demand unique polymer-based materials.


Nous déterminons
la composition d’un objet
en 4 semaines.

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Nous développons
des matériaux innovants
à base de polymères.

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Nous fabriquons
vos prototypes à partir
de matériaux haute performance.

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