Biodesiv and Deformulation

We determine the material
composition in only 4 weeks.

Identify alternative products or better properties

Deformulation is often the starting point to identify alternative products with similar or better properties. Within only 4 weeks, our scientists are able to deliver the full composition of your material.

After a preliminary study of your material, our experts define the right combination of analysis (chemical and physical).

Thanks to a strong partnership with the analytical research laboratories, Biodesiv works with the best in class analytical equipments.

We work with your competitive intelligence teams to assess the performance of your competitors. Deformulation demonstrates its value, both in patent infringement investigation or in competitive intelligence analysis.


Nous déterminons
la composition d’un objet
en 4 semaines.

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Nous développons
des matériaux innovants
à base de polymères.

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Nous fabriquons
vos prototypes à partir
de matériaux haute performance.

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